About us

Maxim Trading & Contracting is one of the leading business conglomerates in Qatar that comes with a wide spectrum of business segments.

The important brands under the Maxim Umbrella include:

• Maxim Trading & Contracting
• Maxim Fire Safety & Security
• Gulf Net Trading • Gulf Net Services 


MAXIM Fire Safety and Security are one of the leading names in fire & safety, based in Qatar. Right from designing, producing, and supplying fire detection & Fire Protection systems equipment to installing the most advanced fire combating utilities in buildings, MAXIM takes care of all your requirements when it comes to high-profile Safety from the hazards of fire.

Founded in the year of 2007 in the global city of Doha, MAXIM offers turnkey solutions to an elite clientele that cuts across various business and social segments. MAXIM is a QATAR-based business conglomerate that ventures into a diversified range of service segments.


We’re passionate about what we do. All those little, yet crucial tasks involved in the designing of a complete fire fighting system excites us. Thus we would be more than happy to assist you right from the conception stage of a project. This gives you an added advantage of having the benefit to avail our expertise right from stage 1 so that your dream project would have a fire-fighting setup of superlative standards.


Have problems with your existing fire fighting and fire alarm systems? Worry not! We could be of help by serving you with an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). You could avail of our services any day and any time for an AMC with the assurance of quick response and responsibility. As a part of the AMC,

We take over your existing system and closely monitor all crucial elements including fire alarm, fire fighting systems, central battery systems, and deluge systems among others.

As a part of the AMC, we also help our clients with the necessary documents, clearances, and periodic certifications that are required to install and maintain their fire systems.


As a service dedicated to all kinds of business segments, we offer specialized services for smaller spaces such as fit-outs that operate as a part of a larger structure. This is crucial because, at a time of an emergency, it is easier to spring into action and keeps the space danger-free, in a jiffy.


Building up a tamper-proof fire safety system is an expert task. Even the minutest of error would augment itself into a grave situation, rapidly. To remain safe by correcting any flow that occurs in your existing system with our exclusive rectification services.